Early Winter in the SkyHigh garden
It’s hard to believe that it’s early Winter again, and after some good rainfall, and unseasonable warmth, the garden is looking terrific.
The Helleborus are beginning to flower earlier this year, and are bound to impress over the coming months. Our beautiful Hostas have wound down to rest for the Winter, but shall return in all their glory in early Spring. The vibrant purple Plectranthus are still flowering, as are the Salvia “Waverly” and S. leucantha  (Mexican Sage). Camellia “Marge Miller” is an unusual prostrate form and is looking good at the moment. Camellia sasanqua “Lutchuensis” is heavy with buds, the dainty white flowers are sweetly scented and will be a spectacular sight in the not too distant future. Some new plantings are taking place at SkyHigh; we are using a selection of attractive drought tolerant natives, and hope to follow the theme through the front of the park. There is still some deep red, gold and orange Autumn colour to be seen and it is certainly worth the trip to SkyHigh to witness this spectacular show.